Sucks Eggs

I’m sick.

Yesterday I had a cough, sore throat and a general ache-iness. As a result, I missed out on celebrating Caley’s birthday (but the boys went). Today I feel even worse. It took forever to fall asleep last night. My indigestion was so painful, and it would trigger big coughing fits. At one point I tried to sleep sitting up, but it was so uncomfortable. I just wanted to cry because I was tired and couldn’t sleep. Eventually I did sleep, though not great.

Tonight we’re touring the hospital, and I have a few small errands to run during the day. Then I plan on staying inside and resting. This really sucks because Kirsten invited me over to meet her baby. And I certainly don’t want to expose them to whatever I have.

The weather this week has been sunny, and we’re getting a lot of melting. I like to go outside and just stand in the sun. Oh yeah, we’re expected to get snow this weekend, but I’m not sure how much. I don’t even trust the meteorologists, since they screwed up last week and said it was going to be no big deal.

Anyways, please pray for healing, and that the boys don’t get sick. I’m going to have a cup of tea. I’ll close with a quote from Phenomenon.

George Malley: This is good, Lace. I think you’re a good cook.
Lace Pennamin: No, I’m not. I only make two things pretty well: pork chops and, um, turkey.
George Malley: Hm. Which is this?

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