There’s Snow Place Like Colorado

Sunday Morning

It’s funny to look back at my last post and see that we thought we were only getting a few fat flakes. Ha ha ha. The weatherman was way wrong, and we ended up seeing between 6-9 inches. Geoff had to go out twice, just to stay on top of it. sure could have used Lexi this weekend. As a result of the crappy weather, we didn’t make it to church, we didn’t go swimming, and I didn’t get to go out with Amy. But, we did enjoy a lovely pork chop dinner (Tyler’s recipe) and a chocolate pound cake.

Frustrated by my inability to get the mail without walking onto an icy street, I ratted out one of my neighbors to the HOA. Will their sidewalk get shoveled? I’m not holding my breath. I can deal with a front street that it one rut after another, I HATE not having my sidewalk.

We won’t get a reprieve from the weekly snowstorms until the dumb jet stream moves.

I have hundreds of photos in shoeboxes, which take up space in my closets, so when I got a Target gift card for my birthday (thanks Athena!) I bought some photo albums. I spent the weekend going through the photos and was able to get all the photos from our life in Edmonton in an album. Whoo-hoo! Now I’m working on California life. So the stocking project has not been started. But I’m happy to see this project making headway.

Yeah I’m nesting. I know. But really, having stuff organized bugs me all the time. It’s just with a new one arriving soon, I want to tackle things I know I won’t want to in the coming months. Like filing, and trips to Goodwill.

My friend Kirsten had her baby last week. I’m waiting to hear back from her on the name they settled on, but it was a healthy baby girl, 8lbs 6 oz. Her doctor said she’d be early, but in actuality, she had her the day after her due date.

Another gift I got for my birthday was Lady In The Water. We watched it this weekend. It was good, it was very M. Night. So if you aren’t a fan, I don’t know that you would like it. I’ll close with a quote from it.

Cleveland Heep: H-how was the movie?
Harry Farber: Sucked

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