Still Cool

The weather here is still cool, which I love! Yesterday was perfect for walking, and today is supposed to hold the same. I’ll definitely be walking up to Cherry Creek North today. And if Jen is at H&D, I’ll tell her I’m not coming back for the holidays. 🙁

So the family is heading out to Victoria this weekend. Ah, Victoria. I completely forgot there was a holiday this weekend. The name of it differs from province to province. Since they’ll be in B.C., it’s called British Columbia Day. Alberta calls it Heritage Day. (To see what it’s called elsewhere, click here.) No holiday for us Yanks. We’ll just have to wait for Labor Day to have our next day off.

Geoff has to go up to Boulder on Friday (I think) so we’ll try to join him. I’ve never been to Boulder, but I’d like to check out the shops on Pearl Street. Geoff says the campus (University of Colorado Boulder) is beautiful. Funny enough Jennifer Garner is in Boulder until Friday filming a movie. I doubt we’d see her, and I’d really much rather see her husband. I’ve never seen the show Alias, though everyone I know loves it.

I’ll be so happy once this month is over. It’s been painfully long, and financially strained. But hopefully we’ll get caught up next month. I would love to get a jump on my Christmas shopping, I may try to buy at least one gift. But I have gifts already needed for August.

Nothing else is going on, so I’ll close with a quote from Unbreakable.

Joseph Dunn: Do you think you could beat up Bruce Lee?
David Dunn: No, Joseph.
Joseph Dunn: Even if he wasn’t allowed to kick, and you were really mad at him?

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