So I’ve been slacking on blogging because the home laptop died. So it cut my time on the computer by half. a good thing? maybe, but I feel like I’m missing things I was able to do before.

Anyways, here’s what my week looked like. Monday was supposed to go to the dr, and having it get cancelled 45 minutes beforehand through off my whole schedule for the boys. Elijah didn’t nap as planned, it took me 2 hours to convince him he had to. Kinds stressful. Wednesday we had Miles’ dr appt and my rescheduled appt. Elijah spent Miles’ appt at Marian’s and had a blast. Thursday we went to Monkey Bizness with Amy & Caley, instead of the Nature Center. Monkey Bizness is like an indoor gym, a big room filled with inflatable obstacle courses and bounce houses.

Playing with Caley

This weekend we have no big plans, Geoff has to work on Monday. Otherwise, I’d love to get down to Colorado Springs or Manitou Springs. I may settle for a trip to Peet’s in honor of Peet’s founder, and Starbucks influencer, Alfred Peet who passed away this week.

I’m gonna close with a quote from Red Dwarf. In honor of Miles, who has given me the gift of a 4am wake up call two days in a row.

The Cat: You’re thinking negative. Think of all the glorious and wonderful possibilities about having children.
Lister: Like?
The Cat: Like when they grow up and leave home.

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