Dear Idiot

An open letter to the idiot from Ohio who doesn’t know how to drive.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for visiting Colorado. Did you have a nice visit? I can see you drove a distance to get here, going so far as to pull your trailer too. Did you know that you need special mirrors to see past your vehicle as well as your trailer? Did you know that you are to NEVER back up when you are pulling a trailer? Were you aware you were so caught up in your conversation/your radio/whatever that you didn’t hear me blaring my horn at you?

Thank you so much for backing your trailer into my car. Thank you for startling myself and my children with your careless driving. But most of all, thank you for not even bothering to see what damage you did to my car. You just continued your trip on your merry way.

Incidentally, you have dented my front license plate, and I have recorded your license plate number. Not really sure what I’m going to do with it, perhaps send a letter to your state police letting them know you are out there driving, giving the people of Ohio a good reputation.

You suck.

Angrily Yours,
Melissa Armstrong

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