Elijah has been really needy (and clumsy) the last week. It’s like turning one changed him. He seems to play fine by himself, then he realizes I’m not right beside him, and he wants to be held. One the positive side, his personality has always grown into him being quite the character. He’s so funny!

Yesterday I went out to Park Meadows mall with the girls (Nicole, Jayla and their girls). It was alright, the highlight for me was eating in the food court. I had a cheesesteak. Mmmm. It’s a nice mall, has a lot of the shops at Cherry Creek. Next time we go out there, I want to hit the store surrounding the mall, like REI, or The Great Outdoors. I want to look at camping stuff. I’m not sure how a group camping trip will work out, as Nicole is due to have her baby in July, and Jayla said Dave took a summer coaching job. It may end up being just us the Wyomingites. Which is cool by me. 🙂

Yesterday was also Meg & Mike’s 2nd Anniversary. Happy Anniversary! Has it really been two years? It feels like Mike has been with us forever.

It snowed all day Sunday, and it melted yesterday. We may get another small dose of snow next weekend. I don’t care, so long as it warms up by the time my mom & grandma get here on the 21st. My mom find a sitter for Fonzie (her kitten), and I think my grandma is thrilled at the idea of getting off the farm for a few days. This may be the start of a travel phase for her. Wouldn’t that be exciting? I was telling her the other day how I want to do a cruise of Alaska, and she was agreeing it would be nice. Grandma also told me Angela & Craig are in Costa Rica right now. Those two don’t let grass grow under their feet I guess.

In honor of it being sunny today (and a high of almost 50!), Elijah and I will walk up to Safeway and pick up a few things.

I’m gonna close with a quote from Miss Congeniality.

Kathy Morningside: Of course he had a gun. This is Texas! Everybody has a gun. My florist has a gun!
Stan Fields: I don’t own a gun. My ancestors were Quakers.

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