Geoff’s Words Of Wisdom & Humor

This story is probably only funny to me, but it really made me laugh.

I was telling Geoff that I was up to 15 friends on myspace, and that one of my friends was Steven Page. And he said, yeah so, it would be more impressive if you were Jimmy Page’s friend. I replied, why would I want to be friends with someone who worships the occult? And in true Jesus-like fashion he says, that’s exactly who you should be friends with!

And he is right. That’s what Christians are supposed to do, love EVERYBODY. That was also the sermon on Sunday, to show kindness to everyone, not just people who are kind to you. And I felt like Pastor Jim was talking to me. Because I’m not always nice to everyone. In fact, when people are mean and hurtful to me, my response is to ignore them. To distance myself from them. Because why would I want to leave myself open to being attacked? So I’m going to pray on it, and ask God to help me love those who aren’t always nice to me.

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