Last night we tried another Rachael Ray recipe, Chicken Piccata Pasta Toss. Geoff really enjoyed it, and I thought it was okay. The things I didn’t like (very lemony, and the shallots) were the things Geoff enjoyed the most. But I am willing to branch out and try these new recipes.

What’s funny to me is it seems all Elijah watches is the Food Network and Spongebob.

So, it appears the loan will go through, so Geoff said he’d talk to Tammy. Geoff has to work on Saturday, so I don’t think we’ll be looking at houses Saturday. Sunday morning we meet with our small group, so I think Sunday may be out too, since that is also grocery day. We’ll have to see.

Now you know all there is to know. I’m closing with a quote from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Frylock: [reading] The Curse of the Mummy is actually just a figure of speech. Vomiting locusts for 1000 years is just an old wives tale. The real curse of the mummy is that he is completely socially inept, devoid of all manners, gold-digging, manipulative and a selfish brat. Don’t ever wake him unless you have a lot of time and money on your hands. Thank you for buying “Mummies For Dummies.”

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