Good Weekend

For all the plans I make, I never seem to accomplish them. 🙂

Saturday we were treated to a sleep in, so I didn’t make it to the museum. Instead it was a nice family morning, Elijah sleeping and Geoff and I getting to spend quiet time together. Also no festival for us this weekend, maybe next year. Sunday was the usual, church, groceries, and house cleaning. This morning we were able to get started on being approved for the home loan. Prayer warriors unite! Please pray that it goes through with no problems. The only sticky point may be the visa, in which case, we’d have to wait until the H comes, and that may be at least 3 months. Once we get the call about the loan the house hunt will begin. Part of me wants to leave the brunt of the work for Tammy, but the other part wants to look now. I can get very specific if needed, or I can be vague. We just want a place so badly.

I’m so ready to start packing. I look at our apartment now through packing eyes, what can we do without for the next few months? What stuff won’t we take with us? There are more than a few things that need to be replaced, like our glasses and the blender (which broke a few weeks ago). We’ve had this set of glasses since we got married, and there are only 7 that haven’t been broken. We’ve got the next batch picked out at Crate & Barrel, a set of juice glasses and a set of pint glasses. These should serve all purposes.

Thursday I went out to Gunther Toody’s again with Mary. Elijah likes it there because it’s not too dark. I had my heart set on Chick-Fil-A, but I wasn’t up for driving out there, since Mary was already in this neighborhood. Besides, we were a party of 7, so a big booth at GT worked out well.

It was cooler this weekend which was great. It allowed Geoff to go running, but more importantly I think it helped Elijah sleep better. He’s sleeping more like he did months ago, where he’s only up like once a night. It’s all ups and downs, this is the up after a period of down. I like up much better.

Well, I’m going to close with a quote from Toy Soldiers.

Jonathan Bradberry: Oh yeah, that’s wonderful. Now all we have to do is get Cali out of the Headmaster’s Office which he hardly ever leaves, sneak past the guard, switch the chips without setting off them bombs, and then get out without being seen.
Billy Tepper: That’s right. That’s it exactly.
Jonathan Bradberry: I was attempting to be sarcastic.
Billy Tepper: Well you shouldn’t have been. You should have been writing it down.

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