My Favorite Bond

So yeah the announced the next Bond, Daniel Craig. Here are misc thoughts:

-I think that it may be good for them to go with an actor who isn’t largely known to American audiences. It can be hard to accept an actor if they are already well known for certain roles. (Yes Pierce was Remmington Steele, but I never saw Remmington Steele, so to me he was the guy who got attacked in a drive by fruiting.)

-I’m hugely disappointed Pierce was let go, I love him. He is my favorite Bond (I mean I sat through Die Another Day for him).

-I am ever thankful that they decided against hiring Tarantino to direct, since I think he’s a ponce (there are exceptions to most rules).

No Q or Miss Moneypenny? But Dame Judi Dench back as M? Weird.

I haven’t seen the first version of Casino Royale (Geoff has, the Armstrongs are Bond fanatics), and I wonder if holding off on seeing it may make this version easier to watch. In any case, we will all have to wait and see what happens with the Bond franchise.

I guess I’ll close with a quote from Goldeneye.

M: You don’t like me, Bond. You don’t like my methods. You think I’m an accountant, a bean counter who’s more interested in my numbers than your instincts.
James Bond: The thought had crossed me.
M: Good, because I think you’re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War, who’s boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appealed to the young lady I sent out to evaluate you.
James Bond: Point taken.

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