Free Day

No Mom To Mom today, or next week. It was a nice to not have to rush out the door at 8am to drive Geoff to work. A second car would be oh so handy, but I think it will be a few years before we do that. Let’s just focus on house payments for a while.

My mom went to Toronto this week, her first time flying east, her first time going east of Saskatchewan. I’m curious to hear how she enjoyed her trip with her friends. You all know how I feel about Toronto (Toronto sucks), but I do have 2 nice memories of the city (seeing The Lion King with the Ontario family and visiting the Hockey Hall Of Fame).

Speaking of hockey, I’ve been catching some Oilers action on the tube, and enjoying that. Only thing that would make it better is to watch it with my brother. The Paul Coffey night was neat to watch, as he was one of my favorite Oilers. Who knew Barney Bentall was a friend of his? Anyways, it’s been nice to have Geoff indulge me in my Canadian roots, even if he doesn’t care much for hockey.

Today I am going to aim to truck on up to the post office, which I figure will be a 45 minute walk (one way). It’s three miles away, but I have something I really want to mail, and I do need to load up on my Canadian stamps. So I will dress in layers, grab the pod and we’ll make the trek. It is supposed to be 20 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday, and I walked 4 miles yesterday. So a 6 miles walk today shouldn’t be so bad.

Diane is coming here in 10 days for a visit. She’ll be here a week. No big big plans, maybe just a trip up to Boulder. Naturally, a trip to Peet’s for coffee, and Cherry Creek Mall to go to Harry & David’s. She & I will be taking Elijah out trick or treating, while Geoff stays home and hands out candy. Did I mention the neighbor said with the bad weather last year, only 40 kids came around? The year before, with nice weather, 80 kids. Needless to say, we’ll be stocking up on candy at Walmart this weekend.

Well, it’s time to get a move on and do my walk. I’m closing with a quote from Judging Amy.
Bruce Van Exel: I figure I have three choices of what to believe: (a) there is no God; (b) there’s a callous God who doesn’t care that horrible things happen to people; or (c) there’s a benevolent God who’s beyond my understanding and I have to give the benefit of the doubt when He looks bad.

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