Life In CO

I don’t really feel like there is much going on right now. But someone out there may be interested in something I might say.

The weather has been weird. Some days it’s beautiful, most days it’s windy (if you read Geoff’s blog you know this). I want our grass to be green. The yellow makes me sad. Today it’s snowing. Not enough to accumulate, just enough to cover the grass a little. The roads will probably be fine. It’s supposed to be back up to 70 and sunny on Sunday.

I am looking forward to my in-laws coming to visit. I feel like I’ve been in a rut, and a visit will either break me out of it, or make me appreciate the rut. 🙂 I don’t mean it in a bad way. I guess I just enjoy having visitors, and miss the company. I am looking forward to going to Estes Park, and having lunch at the Stanley. That is the one thing I want to do.

Geoff’s birthday is next week (Tuesday). Since we already had cake, maybe we’ll pick up some devil cookies.

House this week was hilarious! I laughed out loud so many times. And big ups to Fox for renewing it for a third season.

I watched Oscar’s Best Picture winner Crash last night. It was good. It definitely was an ensemble picture, you couldn’t pick out one actor above another. But if you had to, I would have to say Terrence Howard was the strongest. Ludacris was really good in it, that surprised me. I’m gonna close with a quote from it.

Anthony: It’s just black people demeaning other black people, using that word over and over. You ever hear white people callin’ each other “honky” all the time? “Hey, honky, how’s work?” “Not bad, cracker, we’re diversifying!”

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