2006…so far

do I even need to tell you who I stole this from? Thanks R.

Since the beginning of this year… 2006

1. Have you had a gf/bf?: technically, no.
2. Have you had your birthday?: yes
3. Gotten drunk?: yeah right! no
5. Smoked a cig?: eww
6. Cried?: yes, but it wasn’t a big cry.
7. Had someone close to you pass away?: thankfully no
8. Pulled an all nighter?: ha ha ha, no
9. Drank starbucks?: yes
10. Went shopping?: are you kidding? yes of course
11. Been camping?: not yet
12. Been to the beach?: not yet
13. Bought something for over $200? no
14. Met someone new?: yes
15. Been out of state?: yes, went to CA
16. Visited a family member?: I saw Kroliks, and I count them as family so yes
17. Gone snowboarding?: no

In the past month…..

1. Have you had sex?: yes.
2. Kissed someone?: yep
3. Slept in a friends bed?: no
4. Snuck someone over?: no
5. Snuck out of your house?: no
6. Been drunk?: no
7. Lied?: yes
8. Gotten a car?: no
9. Went over your cell phone bill?: no
10. Been called a whore?: heck no
11. drove somewhere?: You mean somewhere out of the ordinary? sure, I drove to Littleton
12. Been away from home for over 2 nights?: nope
13. Seen an old friend?: no

In the past week…

1. Bought something?: bought Mulan on DVD
2. Choked?: no
3.Watched t.v for over 3 hours straight?: yes
4. Been to the movie theatre?: no
5. Been to a party?: yes, we hosted a party
6. Gone skydiving?: yeah right, no
7. Been to the beach?: no
8. Smoked?: no
9. Done drugs?: no
10. Gotten a gift from someone?: my mom brought me chocolate
13. Made a c.d?: yeah, something to listen to in the car
14. Called someone?: I call Lisa several times a week
15. Had someone tell you they like you?: sure


1. Thing you bought?: groceries.
2. Person you hugged?: Elijah
3. Person you talked to?: Geoff
4. Person to call you?: Geoff
5. what does the last text message on your phone say?: I don’t get text on my phone
6. last person you saw?: Elijah
7. Last thing you said to someone?: bye
8. Last time you brushed your teeth: last night before bed, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet
9. Last time you took a bath?: a week or so ago
10. When was the last time you cried?: a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t a big cry.
11. Last time you felt stupid? last week. I can’t remember what it was I did.
12. Last time you walked over 1 mile?: Friday

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