How’s The Sicky?

Got sick again over the weekend. I felt fine Friday, and Saturday afternoon was getting ready for girls night, and my throat felt raw. It got worse as the night progressed, and by 8:30, I couldn’t speak. Yesterday I barely had a voice to speak, I could talk softly or whisper, but that was it. I started coughing phlegm last night, and am still coughing it up today. So maybe it’s on it’s way out.

Saturday morning we did a trip to Home Depot, did not find brackets, but Geoff bought a motion sensor flood light for the backyard. For nighttime bbq-ing and security. (I have found brackets online, I just have to run them by Geoff to see what he wants to do). Saturday night I was able to go out to Chili’s while Elijah was babysat. It was nice to hang with the girls and no baby! Will have to do it again, and ideally I won’t be sick next time.

Missed church, because I didn’t want to germ up the nursery (and oh yeah I couldn’t talk). Da Bole was okay, not the most exciting game, but it was fun to hang out with Chad & Khara again. They lent us a DVD to watch, Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story. I don’t know when we’ll watch it, as we are still tackling House season one.

Tonight is Skating With Celebrities, and tomorrow night is brand new House (will Stacey choose House or Mark?), and Scrubs (with Zach’s main squeeze Mandy Moore).

Well I’m going to close with a quote from America’s Sweethearts.
Eddie: I’m a paranoid schizophrenic. I’m my own entourage!

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