How I Spent My Weekend

I am so ashamed (and yet I will blog about it) that I spent my Saturday watching the America’s Next Top Model marathon on VH1. I left the house only to get the mail. I did miss 90 minutes of it when I took a nap, but other than that…

And I can’t say anything bad about it. It was kinda cheesy, but I was riveted. You could easily turn it into a drinking game because there are lines that are repeated over and over again.

Friday we walked mall to pick up Geoff’s glasses, and then treated ourselves to Coldstone Creamery. Today we went to Peet’s after church, then spent the day inside with the air conditioning on. Geoff took care of Elijah, and I was able to do some organizing in the closet.

I don’t have any big plans for this week. Elijah has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, and I may try to get together with Mary this week (if she’ll return my phone calls).

I have become addicted to a new show, Judging Amy. Reruns air on TNT, and Hallmark so I’ve gotten hooked. I don’t watch the new episodes, I’m content to stay in the past. 🙂 It’s a pretty good show, though it deals with some pretty serious subject matter.

I got an email this weekend from a friend (Eddy) I had at Harry Ainlay. I will try to write back this week, and find out if he kept in touch with Adam. I found it a little funny, I was only at Harry Ainlay for a year, so the fact that I was remembered is impressive to me. I’m always impressed when people remember me, as I don’t ever think I could make an impression on someone. I kinda blended in back in high school, with the exception of my circle of friends. It was a very small circle of friends at Harry Ainlay, but I was Adam’s date to his grad. That was a fun night, I remember that they served lemon sorbet and it was tasty.

I’m looking into things I may want to do in Edmonton, Calgary & Banff. One thing I used to always to do was catch a Captain Tractor show, but I don’t think late nights are for me anymore. I’d feel weird getting someone to babysit Elijah so I can go out to a show. My time should probably be spent visiting with family & friends. The last Tractor show I caught in Edmonton was in Churchill Square in July 2002. It was awesome. Meghan, Susie & I met up with Doug & Kirsty. I got my picture taken with Brock after the show, then we took the LRT to University and walked down Whyte all the way to Bonnie Doon Mall. Ahhh, good times, good times.

Anyways, I want to go to Melissa’s in Banff for lunch, and maybe try to check out Bow Falls too. If the gondola wasn’t so expensive, I’d consider that as an option. I have no idea what I want to do in Calgary, maybe go to Calaway Park. My dad loved taking us there, it holds a special place.

Well, I’m going to sign off and close with a quote from Hackers.

Mrs. Murphy: Dade?
Dade Murphy: Yeah, ma?
Mrs. Murphy: What are you doing?
Dade Murphy: I’m taking over a TV network.
Mrs. Murphy: Finish up, honey, and get to sleep.

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