Opportunity Knocks…Can’t Answer

The opportunity to have Rich’s job for the summer has popped back up, and even though all the volunteers were hoping I’d be back, it’s just not going to happen. The reasons? #1-my permission to work is going to expire next week, and I don’t have the $120 to renew it. #2-childcare. Hiring a babysitter would suck up the money I would make. #3-remembering how much some volunteers drove me batty. So yeah, the money would have been awesome, and I’m sorry that everyone was looking forward to working with me, but it isn’t going to happen. I will renew my work permission in a few months, in time to go back to Harry & David. Besides, I love spending time with Elijah, and I love having flexible days to do what I want (or have to).

I did get in touch with Mary, that’s how I found out what the deal was with Rich’s summer job. We’re going to get together on Thursday. We’ll be going to the museum picnic and zoo trip next month. She’ll be bringing her kids, and they’ve been dying to see Elijah. That will be fun.

Well, nothing else is going on. So I’ll sign off and close with a quote from Return To Me.

Tyler Dayton: And then we went to see the gorillas and Mommy said it was you.
Megan Dayton: I did not.
Joe Dayton: Oh, really? Did you go to see the elephants?
Megan Dayton: Watch it Joe.

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