Giving Thanks

What a wonderful weekend (and it’s only Saturday)! An excellent Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for. 🙂

Thursday morning Elijah and I watched Geoff run in the Mile High Turkey Trot. The weather was brisk, but not unenjoyable. Plus it’s only a 4 mile race. Elijah loved seeing all the dogs there and the turkey mascot. We came home, he had a short nap, then we went to Curt & Jan’s Thanksgiving feast. A tasty, fun time, as always. There was a little drama with the dogs, but he eventually got over that. He was just startled by the dogs greeting him, he prefers to be the one approaching dogs. By the time we left, he was petting them.

We picked up our company at the airport, and talked the evening away. Friday, we had our own feast to enjoy. The day was much chillier than Thursday, which made for a chilly walk around Southlands. Geoff slaved away over the stove, and it was every bit as tasty as the previous turkey dinner. We played games, and went to sleep by 11.

Today we’ll bid adieu (sadly) to our guests. Thankfully it’s supposed to get up to 58 today (that’s 14 C). Tomorrow we’ll decorate for Christmas, I can hardly wait.

Lastly, Happy 7th Birthday Dylan!

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