Random Items

* Since the letter has hit Canada (or will hit most of it by tonight) I will post on the Little Legume blog tonight the sex of the baby. NO POSTS ANYWHERE UNTIL THEN…Please. 🙂

* If you didn’t get a hard copy of the Christmas letter and are interested in reading it, please email me, I’ll send you a link to where you can see it along with our Christmas picture. ‘Cause I know I have some online friends.

* Elijah and I have colds. 🙁 He has a runny nose, I have a cough. The timing of this sucks! Please pray for a speedy recovery.

* On Sunday, I got to talk to my nephew. You know, as much of a conversation as you can have with a seven year old (or almost seven year old). I wish I could see him more often.

* Scrubs returns to Thursdays next week (finally!), and Psych returns on January 19. It’s my hope that I won’t be in the hospital when Lost returns in February. I’ll have to have a talk with the fetus to ensure that we’re not staying overnight on a Wednesday. Mind you, the hospital does have flat screen tvs in each room…

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