The Dilbert comic was a direct result of frustration with Sofamart and having to wait a month for tables we ordered. We finally got them on Tuesday. I am going to be writing a letter to Sofamart letting them know while their product is great, their service leaves much to be desired.

So here are pictures of the coffee table and end tables we ordered.

Now, I need some bedside tables!

6 miles was way too far to take on. I was so pooped when I got back, but I called it, it was 45 minutes to get to the post office. And they had the nicest people working there. I also met my postman when I returned home, and found out that in the case that my packages don’t fit in the mailbox, he’ll deliver them to my house. Whoo-hoo! Bring on the big Christmas boxes! 🙂

If I plan to get on sending my packages early, I need to get shopping. I have 3 gifts bought, and a list for a few more. I am wondering whether we will send out one family gift to everyone, or one from Geoff and I, and then Elijah sends his own gift (thinking that Elijah will send out pictures of himself. Yes, he’s that vain). I’ll talk it over with Geoff.

I’m closing with a quote from House.

Patient #2: I can’t get my contact lenses out.
House: Out of what – they’re not in your eyes.
Patient #2: They’re red.
House: That’s because you’re trying to remove your corneas.

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