Family Activity

Last night the Armstrongs took in Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo. I imagine it’s similar to the display that the Calgary Zoo also puts on. It was a little nippy, so we made sure we bundled up. It was a lot of fun, and incidentally Elijah’s first trip to the zoo. We had some discount coupons from Chick-Fil-A so it was only $10. We grabbed some dinner, and then walked the park. The animals that are lucky enough to have inside/outside habitats were hanging around greeting guests. The first ones we saw were the elephants, which seemed to be Elijah’s favorite. He smiled at the huge elephant stretching out his trunk to touch people. Geoff’s favorite were the hippos, and mine of course were the giraffes. There was one giraffe who stopped eating long enough to stare right at Elijah. The place wasn’t too busy, but we also shortly after it opened.

It’s a pretty cool thing to check out, if your local zoo does it. We may try to find something fun like that for next Christmas, or we go back. It was pretty awesome. See for yourself.

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