2005 In Review/Looking Ahead To 2006

2005 In Review

A Book You Read: Why I Hate Canadians (Will Ferguson)
Favorite Tv Show/Movie: House
A Place You Visited: Bow Falls in Banff
A Big Event That Happened To You: Had a baby, bought a house
A Thank You To Someone: Cate, for the wonderful quilt. It makes me smile all the time.
Something You Would Do Differently: Take more pictures
Favorite Pop Culture/Sports Event: Edmonton Eskimos win the Grey Cup
Favorite Song This Year: Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers or Collide – Howie Day
Something That Made You Laugh: Watching Grampy try to dress Elijah in his jammies.

Looking Ahead To 2006

No resolutions really, I just am looking forward to…
the trip out to CA in the spring
the birth of my new nephew or niece, and subsequent meeting of said baby 🙂
the births of the Schmidt & Herbert babies
hopefully reading some of the books from last Christmas
possibly a trip to D.C. to see Kelly

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