And Now For Something Completely Different

Sigh. The wedding is over, all wedding duties are done, I can now start a hectic schedule of cramming in my family & friends over a two day period. Why must these trips always be so crazy? Oh yeah, because we’re popular, and we (usually) only make one Canadian appearance a year. Naturally some people don’t get so lucky to enjoy us one on one, and we’ll get phone calls, or hear about from other people. I stopped letting that bother me a while ago.

The wedding was lovely, everything went off without a hitch. I feel like I really bonded with Mike’s sisters, and I hope to keep in contact with them. I will post a few pics once we get back. I have plenty of funny stories to share, but that will wait until later.

I miss homecooked food. I’ve tried to be good about not eating gravy at every meal (though it’s tempting). (Gravy isn’t so easily found in yankee restaurants) We will enjoy a great lunch out at my grandparent’s house today. That’s always a highlight of the visit. My grandpa has a bowling tournament today, and we may go watch.

I look forward to my own bed, seeing my kitty cat, and getting back to normal.

It’s only fitting to close with a quote from Canadian Bacon.

Gus: Canadians are always dreaming up a lotta ways to ruin our lives. The metric system, for the love of God! Celsius! Neil Young!

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