Just Another Day

I watched Hiding Out today. I may watch it again tomorrow. I like it, it’s funny. I also spent the last of my iTunes money I got for Christmas. To give you an idea of my musical taste, I bought Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three, Can You Forgive Her? by Pet Shop Boys, and I Like The Way by Hi-Five. I think maybe I should be ashamed of the last one, but sadly I’m not. At the iTunes music store, they added the feature of browsing charts, and I was perusing the 1991 chart, and I remember where I was listening to certain songs. Or school dances they were played at. FYI, 1991 was my 9th grade year. I loved 9th grade (for my American friends, 9th grade is the last year of junior high or middle school).

Still haven’t tackled the journal yet. I did have a dream about my dad this week, but it escapes me now what it was about. Last night, I dreamt Geoff was competing in some championship football game. His team was winning, and they were getting ready to engrave the trophy rings with the players names. Oddly enough my Uncle Kim was also on Geoff team, and he wanted it known that I was his niece. I kept saying, but I’m also Geoff’s wife. And he’d keep saying “and my niece”. I stopped trying to decipher my dreams. They are usually random wackiness. And I have other things I could dwell on.

I got 2 Chris Thomas King albums out of the library. He is a blues guitarist. He was in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? He played Tommy Johnson, the guy who sold his soul to the devil. We’ll probably listen to him tonight.

We watched the State Of The Union Address the other night. Well, Geoff watched it, I listened to it. But it got me thinking of my Top Five President movies. Geoff was able to name them all. That kind of thing impresses me.

Top Five President Movies

1. All The President’s Men

2. Dick

3. The American President

4. Dave

5. Independence Day

Well, that’s a good note to end on. I’ll close with a quote from The American President. It’s one of my favorite scenes. Can you believe Kelly lives in D.C. and hasn’t seen this movie? 😉

Sydney Ellen Wade: Hello?

President Andrew Shepherd: Yeah, hi, is this Sydney?

Sydney Ellen Wade: Leo?

President Andrew Shepherd: No, this is Andrew Shepherd.

Sydney Ellen Wade: Oh! It’s Andrew Shepherd! Yeah, you’re hilarious, Richard, you’re just a regular riot!

President Andrew Shepherd: No, this isn’t Richard, this is Andrew Shepherd.

Sydney Ellen Wade: Oh! Well, I’m so glad you called, because I forgot to tell you today what a nice ass you have. I’m also impressed that you were able to get my phone number given the fact that I don’t have a phone. Good night, Richard.

President Andrew Shepherd: Uh, this isn’t Richard-

[Sydney hangs up]

President Andrew Shepherd: This used to be easier.

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