What I Bought With Kelly’s Gift Certificate

So Kelly gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, and I bought The Best Of Corey Hart, and Hiding Out. Call me a loser, I don’t care. I like Corey Hart, he puts out good music.

Hiding Out is a good movie. I have a thing for Jon Cryer movies. I used to have a thing for Keith Coogan, and I love Annabeth Gish. The premise of the movie is Andrew (Cryer) is a stockbroker who has to testify against the mob, and when one of the other witness ends up dead, he goes into hiding. He decides to change his look and hide out at his cousin Patrick’s (Coogan) high school. He gets his name off a coffee can, Maxwell Hauser. It’s funny, and sweet, so I bought it.

It really did snow all day, it must have stopped some time last night. Went back to work at the museum today. No Machu Picchu work today. I can hardly wait for it to open so I can show Geoff the work I did. I will try to take pictures of it for everyone else.

I know I usually end with a movie quote, but I wanted to end with the lyrics to the Radiohead song I was listening to today. This song always makes me melancholy, but not in a bad way. I think I can look back on my past with bittersweetness. If that makes sense. I don’t think I even get what I’m trying to say.

Lurgee (by Radiohead, off the album Pablo Honey)

I feel better, I feel better now you’ve gone.

I got better, I got better, I got strong.

I feel better, I feel better now there’s nothing wrong.

I got better, I got better, I got strong.

Tell me something, tell me something I don’t know.

Tell me one thing, tell me one thing, and let it go.

I got something, I got something, heaven knows.

I got something, I got something, I don’t know.

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