It’s snowing. It’s been snowing all day. I haven’t left the comfort of my home, but I did at least get dressed.

I got some movies from the library, chick flicks that Geoff wouldn’t watch with me. I tackled one, and I still have another. The one I watched was A Guy Thing. I love Julia Stiles & Jason Lee, so it seemed a safe bet. It also has Selma Blair, whom I don’t like so much. There’s something about her, I don’t care about. Who knows. Anyways, it was alright, I wasn’t expecting much. I wouldn’t buy it, and could think of better Jason Lee or Julia Stiles movies.

I am moving to 2 days a week at the museum. I had a great day yesterday. I got to work on the Machu Picchu exhibit (which opens in Feb). I got to bury artifacts in cement for the kids to dig up. Oh, and I told Jeff (my boss) about Cindy’s son Alec being a HUGE dinosaur guy, and he said he’d arrange for a behind the scenes tour for him when they come to visit this spring. I’ll have to email him to tell him.

Hard to believe we’re near the end of January. I have a feeling this year is going to fly by too.

Last Friday, it would have been Dad & Debbie’s 5th anniversary. I think she’s doing okay. We all are, I guess. There was moment last week when I thought he wasn’t gone. I thought, how could he be gone? He’s so young. And in an instant reality sunk in. And I wondered where that funny thought had come from. Geoff & I talk about death more frequently now. We talk about what our families would want, what we want. My mom has let me know songs she’d like, but I told her she’s not allowed to die for a good long time.

Okay enough with the morbid death talk. Things here are good. I’d like to have more to share, but nothing else is going on. I’d share my thoughts on current events, but frankly, I don’t read the paper, and I don’t like to watch the news. So why there was a caucus in Iowa, I don’t even know. And I don’t keep up with Canadian news, because I don’t live there. The saddest thing, I keep up to date on entertainment news. I know, it’s sad. 🙁

Well, I’ll close now with some quotes from Dogma. I love that movie, and I watch it EVERY time it’s on. If you can get past the language, it’s pretty good. First, Geoff’s favorite quote:

Bethany: What gear are you in?

Jay: “Gear”?


Metatron: However, if you should decide to stop being selfish and accept your responsibility, you won’t be alone. You’ll have support.

Bethany: What, more angels?

Metatron: Prophets. Two of them. The one who speaks – and he will, at great lengths, whether you want him to or not – will make mention of himself as a prophet. The other one… well, he’s the quiet type, but he’ll be helpful just the same.

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