Yesterday Geoff made truffles. Mmmmm. I think he’s spent most of the weekend in the kitchen. He likes it there, he has a lot of toys. At least 3 times he mentioned how much he loves the spatula I bought him for Christmas.

I reunited with an old friend the last few months. We had a falling out 2 or 3 years ago. She’s had a falling out with a few of my friends, and I felt I had to tell one of them that we reunited. They were fine with it, and I feel I have to tell one of my other friends. The thing of it is, we were able to patch up what had gone wrong. And I missed her. I’ve known her for a long time, and she’s known my family a long time. So when Dad passed away, I had to let her know. Also she’s experienced the death of an immediate family member. It’s actually sad to me the number of friends I have in that situation.

It’s been a pretty good week I guess. We’ve had a lot of good talks, and we enjoyed a trip to Peet’s & Cold Stone together. I think I’ll tackle the stack of books I got for Christmas & my birthday. The bed in the spare bedroom is right beside the window, and looks to be a great place to sit and read, or listen to my iPod and watch the world. I did buy a journal, I just have to start it.

You’ve Got Mail is on tv (I love that movie), so I’ll close with a quote from it.

Joe Fox: N-Y-one-five-two. One hundred and fifty-two. He’s… 152 years old. He’s had 152 moles removed, so now he’s got 152 pock marks on his face.

Kathleen Kelly: The number of people who think he looks like Clark Gable.

Joe Fox: 152 people who think he looks like a Clark BAR.

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