It’s a beautiful day today, the sun is shining, there is no wind…it feels like fall again. If this is winter in Denver, I’ll take it.

Yesterday I watched the Heritage Classic Hockey Game. Yes, I know it was in November, but I had my mom & Russ tape it for me, and I got it in the mail this week. It was awesome! It was fun to see all the players come out for the event, and it made me think of Colin & my dad. I’m sure Colin loved seeing Messier in an Oilers jersey again. I also watched Dead Again, which I remember seeing in the theatre. And like Kelly, I am still sad it didn’t work out for Emma Thompson & Kenneth Branagh. But the movie I think I like them best in is Much Ado About Nothing. 🙂 Still Dead Again is a great, great movie, and thanks Meghan for giving it to me.

So Geoff really likes this guy Tyler Florence on the Food Network, and I watched an episode where he made the ultimate chocolate cake. Today we bought everything necessary to make it for my birthday cake. The recipe is available here

I guess that’s it. Oh, I’ve been given the okay to take a Paleontology course at the museum. I may have to wait until summer. The course I want to take is February through March, and I’d have to miss a class because of the wedding. And if I’m paying $130 for the class, I want to attend all of them. 🙂 So I’ll make sure it’ll be offered again this summer. There are other classes this spring, but it conflicts with both weddings I’ll be attending. Meghan & Mike’s is March 13, and Chris & Ashley’s is May 28.

Having just watched Dead Again, I will close with a quote from that.

Pete: I’ve known Mike Church forever. He would never hurt her.

Franklyn Madson: This is fate we’re talking about, and if fate works at all, it works because people think that THIS TIME, it isn’t going to happen!

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