My birthday is days away, and I’m not as excited as I usually am. This will be my first birthday without my dad. He would always call me, and send me something I love. The great thing about my dad was without ever saying it, I knew he was proud of me. Even though I don’t feel like there was much to be proud of. The fact that we moved to the States made my dad sad, but I knew he was proud we were taking on such an adventure. He was really fond & proud of Geoff (aren’t we all?), and when I got into the radio station, he thought that was cool. He hoped I’d take it with me to Colorado, but whatever I wanted to do, he supported it. I was thinking about taking some classes at the Museum, but it isn’t financially feasible right now. But my dad would have loved that.

Just something I’ve been thinking about today. I think I should start a journal, because someday I want my kids to know about their grandpa. And I’m sure Dylan would enjoy these stories too.

This whole situation makes me miss my mom even more. We talk frequently, which I love, and I love being able to share what I’m going through with her. I’ll get to see her in 63 days. I hope to get her & Russ down here for a visit this year.

My cousin Kelly was on the radio last night, and she sounded good. For Christmas, she gave me a book by C.S. Lewis (which was really good), and The Tick on DVD. This is the Patrick Warburton live-action version. We started watching it, and it has episodes that didn’t air. It’s so funny! I’ll close with a quote from it.

Arthur: Yes I’m anal retentive. Fine. Believe me, I would change that if I could.

Tick: Good Lord man! Retain that anus. One day its fruit man be the only thing that stands between us and total oblivion.

(after hearing this story)

Captain Liberty: I don’t know about you Arthur, but if some guy brought up my anus the first time he came to my apartment, I would kick him out.

Arthur: Believe me, I tried.

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