Misc. Thoughts
I’m feeling much better now, thank you. The cold didn’t last long.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s wrong that people viewing the Pope’s body are taking pictures? I certainly don’t want people taking my picture once I’m lying dead. I just think it’s disrespectful, and not just because he’s the Pope.

We finally watched Spider-Man 2 this week (thanks to Alec for lending it to us). I liked it, and Geoff thought it was cheesy. I think they needed to make it more lighthearted, because they couldn’t do that with the first one. Fans would have gone rabid. Geoff is keen on Venom being the villain in the next installment, and since I was never a comic book person, I have no opinion. But I’m happy with the choice of actor to play Venom, Thomas Haden Church.

The weather here has been fabulous, though they say it’s going to snow this weekend. We’ll see if it does, they haven’t been too accurate with the weather lately.

I’m thinking about starting to write out my will. Not that I have an assets, or money, but I just want something in writing that states Geoff gets everything, and in the case that we both die, Elijah will have someone to go to. I’ve been meaning to write it for some time, and I think sooner is better than never.

Okay let’s get a little less morbid. I love that I can watch Conan O’Brien on CNBC at 5pm. I find Conan hilarious. Meghan says she doesn’t like him, which I find hard to believe. Maybe he was having an off night. Or maybe his humor is just more my style.

So the plans for our Alberta trip are trickling together ever so slowly. We decided we’ll fly into Calgary, then rent a car and drive to Edmonton. Visit there a while, then drive back to Calgary visit the Armstrongs and Schmidts there, then fly home. I’d love to try to get in a day trip to Banff, since it’s so close. But ideally the trip will allow everyone time with Elijah, and in my fantasy world it will be without conflicts or stress. (insert laughter here)

Well, that’s all the excitement from this end. I’ll close with a quote from Ned And Stacey.

Ned: “I don’t really drink. I just like sayin’ ‘Scotch, neat.’ It sounds better than ‘Tea, neat.’

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