Goings On
Captain Tractor put out a new album, North Of The Yellowhead. I had no idea they were even working on one. To my surprise, Brock isn’t listed as a band member anymore. I thought when he put out his solo album, he’d still continue on with CT. I’m a little disappointed, but also curious to hear how the CT album turned out. Incidentally, I have heard snippets of Brock’s solo album, but I think his work with Captain Tractor is much stronger.

In Scrubs/Ed news, there is a rumor that Josh Randall (who played Mike on Ed) is going to guest star on Scrubs. There is also a chance Tom Cavanagh (Ed) will return as J.D.’s brother Dan. I’m still watching Ed regularly and still enjoying it a bunch. An episode the other day had me thinking of former co-worker Erik, as the episode featured the hilarious video Peanut Butter Jelly Time, which Erik had showed me. I miss Cramer.

We had a wonderful time with the kroliks who made it out here. Our time with Amy and Alec was too short, but Cindy, Alyssa and Abbie stayed the night. We went out to dinner at Gunther Toody’s, and played a game of Yahtzee. I did get some time to talk with Amy before we took her & Alec to the airport. She’s doing great at UCLA, she got all A’s & B’s for her first quarter at school. That girl is wicked smart.

Geoff leaves for Providence on Sunday, and we’re going to celebrate his birthday when he gets back. Mostly because he’ll be less stressed, and the gift I ordered him should be here by then.

I keep getting emails about the high school reunion, and while we have no intention of going, I may send them info about us and a picture. I have been checking to see if anyone I know has RSVP’d, but it doesn’t appear to be so.

Dawn told me today Alberta is having a contest of sorts where Albertans can win a trip for 4 family members or friends to come to Alberta to celebrate the centennial. She’s hoping to win it for us.

Well, it’s time to have some ice cream. I am nursing a sore throat, so hopefully this will help. I’m going to close with the lyrics to Anything by Third Day. I just love this song.

I can’t do anything
I can’t do anything without you
But You can do everything
You can do everything You want
I just can’t believe
I can’t believe that You would love me
After everything
After everything I’ve done

And I want to love you
Love You more than life itself
And I want to hold You
Even though You can’t be held
Because You’re so much more
Than everything I’ve ever known
Anything, anything

I’d give anything
I would give anything to hold You
I want to live for You
For You alone I want to live
When I see Your face
I would do anything to know You
You gave me everything
You gave all You have to give

Halle, hallelujah
Halle, hallelujah
Halle, hallelujah

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