What’s Wrong With Hollywood

Okay, so remember a few months back I said I would give up forever watching the Oscars if Michael Moore won Best Picture? Well, no worries now. Am I surprised? Not really. I was disappointed that Hollywood decided to play it safe and just nominate pretty much the same stuff that was honored at the Golden Globes. There were some pictures that I thought should have been acknowledged, that were not. Funny coming from someone who barely saw any movies this year (and yet I saw more than I usually do). I was super disappointed last year in the lack of acting noms for Return Of The King, and with no LOTR movie this year, I wondered what would I root for. Obviously I’m saddened the academy didn’t nominate Mel Gibson, but they did give us 3 techie nominations for The Passion Of The Christ. But for Mike to get the big snub, that was awesome! 🙂 Oh don’t cry Mike, I’m sure someone will make some big political statement on your behalf. Or they’ll invite you to present and you can get on your soapbox.

Speaking of soapboxes, what’s up with Hollywood getting in my face about illegal immigrants being able to get driver’s licenses? By now you all should know how I feel about illegal immigrants getting special treatment over those of us who come here legally. It drives me batty. I don’t get any special treatment for obeying the rules. I do agree with Gov. Schwarzenegger who said “I want everyone to be able to drive legally. But it has to be a document that can’t be used to get another document.” Maybe I’m still just bitter about the treatment I got when we tried to get a license here in CO and the people at the DMV were so unreasonable. (Oh Joy! We get to go back to the DMV in March to renew our licenses. Better put Gov. Owens number on speed dial.) I’m just tired of celebrities telling me what to do.

So Comedy Central has put out yet another game show. They like to do this, and it drives me crazy. Because they always end up canceling it, or changing the host so it sucks. We used to love watching Let’s Bowl. Not quite a game show per say, but it was funny. Anytime people bowl to decide who wins an argument has got to be good. Then there was Beat The Geeks, which was great until they got the new host, then it took a turn for the worse. Now their new game show is called Distraction, where contestants have to answer questions while being distracted. I tuned in for about 5 minutes, and the contestants were trying to put as many clothespins on their face as they could while they answered questions. You got extra points if you had the most clothespins on. Anyways, at the end of the show, the guy was competing to win a brand new car. For every question he got wrong, the ousted contestants got to trash the car. He missed some really easy questions, and as a result his new car needed a brand new windshield, and it had paint poured all over it. While that was funny to watch, I don’t think I’d tune in ever again. Just seems stupid, and like these people are trying too hard. I would also like to bemoan the fate of Rock N’ Roll Jeopardy (hosted by Jeff Probst of Survivor fame). I seriously wanted to be on the show, as it’s a Jeopardy I think I could do well at. Vh1 used to air it, and I miss it.

Okay let’s change topics. I spoke to Colin on the phone a few weeks ago, and he was telling me that Dylan is really enjoying the movie I gave Colin for his birthday. I gave my brother Airheads, which I think is hilarious. Well, now my sweet 5 year old nephew walks around playing air guitar. Colin asked him what he was doing, and he said “I’m Chazz”. Ah, kids. One other Dylan story I wanted to share, he was at his day home (or it could have been at school), and the kids had to line up at the door, and Dylan was at the front of the line. One of the kids said “first is worst”, and Dylan turned around saying, “no first is not worst, first is best. And my mom works for the government so that makes it final.” Dawn said she didn’t have the heart to tell Dylan she doesn’t hold that kind of authority at work, but she thinks it’s great he knows the government makes decisions. 🙂 How cute is that kid?

I’m just going to hang about the house today, maybe do something crafty (i.e.- work on the stocking, or my Scotland scrapbook). I guess I’ll sign off and close with a quote from Airheads.

Rex: We’re gonna take the cops up on those demands they wanted.

Pip: We got a killer list goin’.

Rex: Yeah, check it out. We ask for airplay and whatever else we want, then we demand a whole bunch of weird stuff. This way we can plead insanity later.

Chazz: Where’d this come from?

Rex: Pip’s idea.

Chazz: Way to go, Pip.

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