This Is Winter?

Okay, so I have to brag about the weather. With my poor friends Chris & Ashley suffering in Vermont, and my family and friends in Edmonton going through their cold spell, it’s nice to live in Denver. Where it’s sunny, and warm enough to have the patio door open. I did wonder if Chris missed living in Illinois this week.

Let’s talk tv for a bit. first off, what a sad shock to turn on the computer after church and see Johnny Carson had died. He always seemed like such a nice man, and like Bob Hope, always willing to do his part for the troops. I admire that. I almost saw Johnny once, when my dad, Colin & I did the NBC studio tour (way back in the day). We had just missed him when we saw the Tonight Show set. We had just left before he walked in, the tour after us had seen him (we were told once we finished the tour).

Scrubs was back this week with a new episode, and in fine form. I loved that Turk & J.D. want to have a robot and that Turk has picked out the name Tupac. I think it’s a great name for a robot! Next week’s episode will be with Colin Farrell, and the previews make it out to be pretty funny.

Monk also returned, sans Sharona. I was trying to keep an open mind, but seriously! I’m supposed to believe Sharona would go back to Jersey with her ex? I don’t think so. I thought it was totally out of character, and that she deserved a better send off than that. With that said, it was a pretty good episode, the new girl (Traylor Howard) is alright, she may just be a good fit.

VH1 aired I Love The 90s Part Deux and it was pretty funny. I enjoy watching it because it’s funny to relive those years. We did find it to be way more (what’s the word?) crude (?) than it has been in the past. The sexual innuendo wasn’t subtle at all.

TBS has begun to air the series Ed which Cramer used to rave about, but I never watched. I tuned in to the pilot by accident, and have been laughing my butt off all week. My only complaint would be that they air it at 10am, and by 10am, I like to get on with my day. I may take to taping it and watching it in the evenings, if I can talk Geoff into it. If not, I’ll just watch it in the afternoons.

President Bush had his inauguration this week (like you could miss that), and I wished I could have been there. I think going to an event like that would be cool. I had to shake my head at the protesters, it seems like a silly thing to protest. But then I only ever participated in a protest once, and that was in the 7th grade. A sit-in in the hallway at Ottewell Junior High. Everyone was there for different reasons, I went because I thought we we protesting the new rule the 7-11 (or it could have been the Mac store) posted saying no more than 4 students in the store at a time. It was due to too much theft, for which I blame Curtis. Everyone suspected it was Curtis’ fault. But I digress. Yes, I was saying I wanted to go to the inauguration. I have hopes that someday I’ll get to meet the President. But then I also have hopes Geoff will win the Nobel Prize and I’ll get to go to that event. A girl can dream.

2005 is the centennial for both Alberta and Las Vegas. How weird is that? I’m excited to think about visiting Edmonton and hoping they’ll be doing something cool for the centennial when I go. B.E. (Before Elijah), we talked about going to Edmonton for the Brier, but that was last March, when we thought that might happen. Okay I should clarify, I thought it might happen, Geoff lives in reality where we don’t have money to go to the Brier. It would have been cool. We also don’t have money for Vegas, but that hasn’t stopped the Vegas fever that is rampant in our house. I’m not joking you, we’re seeing signs everywhere that point to Vegas. It’s driving us crazy, taunting us. And how would we ever do Vegas with a newborn? Sigh, we’ll just have to wait until he’s a little older, or until we can arrange for a sitter to come with us. One who doesn’t expect to get a cut of our winnings.

Well, I guess I should sign off. I always feel like I have stuff I want to post about and once I sit down to do it I forget. Then I remember the next day, or even hours later. So I’ll probably post again soon. I’ll close with a quote from Johnny Carson.

Democracy means that anyone can grow up to be president, and anyone who doesn’t grow up can be vice president.

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