In Dreams

A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep so well. I was thinking about this couple I know whose marriage has ended. While we weren’t close, I still felt a connection to them. And it pains me to think the marriage couldn’t be saved. I don’t know any of the details, all the info I get is one sided. In a dream I had, maybe that night, maybe the night after, I tried to speak to the wife. To ask her what was so wrong that couldn’t be fixed. She just smiled she didn’t say. I am almost compelled to try to email her, find her email first, but I likely won’t. It isn’t my place.

Sunday night and last night I dreamt about Colin. We were just hanging out. Sunday nights dream lead me to a building which a fabric store, but before that it was the school where I took dance (not in reality, just in my dream). I am trying to use my walkie-talkie to tell Colin to come help me because there is a wild ferret trying to bite me. The ferret is green, and larger than normal. At some point there is also some animal that is a cross between a badger and a bear. I am able to lock that in a room to get away. I have some really weird dreams.

Last week, courtesy of the library, I watched Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and The Butterfly Effect. The former was a better movie. I laughed a lot, and it was pretty harmless. TBE was darker than I anticipated it to be. I don’t know why I thought it would be lighter than that. I didn’t stop thinking about it the rest of the day. But I’d be reluctant to recommend it to anyone, only because it dealt with such dark issues. The acting in it was pretty good though.

Speaking of good acting, I love Scrubs. Last week’s episode provided a hilarious scene where Turk was white. In the episode Turk got a new phone number, and if you called it that night during the show you could speak to the cast and crew. I wasn’t aware of that, but I called the next morning and got to hear a message from “Turk” (Donald Faison), urging fans of Scrubs to vote in the People’s Choice Awards for which Scrubs has a few nominations, and Zach Braff is up for favorite movie actor. I’m excited to see that Matthew Perry is directing and guest starring on Scrubs in 2 weeks.

Speaking of Matthew Perry, Celebrity Poker Showdown finished up another tournament Sunday. The championship game had Matthew Perry, Kevin Nealon, Neil Patrick Harris, Mekhi Phifer, and Dennis Rodman. They will be taping another tournament the next few days, there may even be a taping the day we arrive in Vegas, but since we get in late afternoon, I doubt we could get tickets. I will settle for the hope of running into Phil Gordon or Dave Foley. 🙂

Yep, Vegas is just days away. Let me tell you how the level of excitement plays out. Geoff is the most excited, followed quickly by Lisa, then me, then Chad. It’s going to be so much fun!

I’m going to close with a quote from last week’s Scrubs.

Cal Turk: Cal Turk here. We don’t sell insurance, we sell peace of mind. But only to white people (Winks). Would you like some milk?

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