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What’s new? Well, Rod was scheduled to come to Denver to visit, but his mother-in-law isn’t doing so well, and his wife is out of the country, so he stayed in Texas to be in proximity should something arise. We’re both bummed, but I’m sure we’ll be able to reschedule. We’re so excited at the idea of a California friend coming to visit, and because it’s Rod. He’s like family.

I picked up another shift at work this week, so I worked Monday & Wednesday. Now I’m off until after Thanksgiving. It’s been really busy at work, which is good. But I’m very pooped by the end of my shift.

In Vegas news, Lisa got the scare of her life. She called the hotel to confirm their reservation, and she was told it was cancelled! When Lisa booked the reservation in September, she asked to be sent an email as to when a deposit would be needed. No email came, and so according to the lady Lisa spoke to, she lost her reservation by not doing the deposit in time. They told her they could offer her the only room they had left, a $229/night suite! At some point Lisa got to book with one of the Orleans sister hotels, but it wasn’t for the price she wanted. She took it, and then started looking online for a better deal. When she found one, Lisa called back the hotel to cancel. They said, but you just made this reservation. When Lisa explained the story to them, they said they would honor the original reservation, 2 nights at the Orleans for $20/night. She even gets to stay in the new tower they just built (I don’t know where we’re staying). Poor Lisa! A half an hour of drama, and I wasn’t home to talk her through it. Naturally Geoff made me call to confirm our reservation, and it was okay. Thank goodness. I’m in no state to deal with that kind of garbage.

So we’re almost set for Vegas. The neighbors are going to look after Honey, I made up my packing list, and I started doing some laundry. All we need now is for the snow coming on Sunday not to delay the plane.

Yesterday I had a really bad allergic reaction. Very similar to the one that hit when Heather visited. Ugh, I hate feeling like that. Right now it’s slowly dying down. I don’t need to carry the kleenex box around with me, but I feel all red and blotchy. I don’t know what brings it on.

I finally made it to Hobby Lobby this week to check out fabric. I want to make a table runner for Christmas, so I picked out the fabric I like, I will go buy it the first of December. Need to hold off on spending money. We had to buy a new power adapter thingy for Geoff’s laptop, his adapter died. That was a $80 expense we weren’t expecting. Also at the beginning of December, I need to get my hair cut and highlighted. It’s been over a year since I had it cut, and even longer since it had highlights. Unless I kick butt in Vegas, then I’ll get it done sooner. 🙂

Did you know BBQ-flavored peanuts is a Canadian thing? I had a craving for some, and when I asked people if they had seen them, no one had seen them. They thought it was weird I thought I could find that at my local Safeway. On a BBQ related note, I can’t wait until next summer to go to Edmonton, and be able to get some flavored popcorn from Too Corny. My favorite? Getting a bag of half bbq, half pizza. Gross? Mmmm, not to me. 🙂

So we’re hoping to catch The Incredibles next week. I already know tons of people who have seen it, and I certainly didn’t need their approval to go see it. It’s Pixar, that’s enough for Geoff & me. I will need more time to get sold on Cars, but they have time to sell me on that. In other Pixar news, Disney has decided to go ahead and make Toy Story 3, without Pixar. Since they own the Toy Story franchise, they can do what they want. But I hear they are having a hard time selling Tom Hanks & Tim Allen on coming back. Good on them!

So AFI is putting together ANOTHER list, like that’s what the world needs. This one is 100 best movie quotes. I’m going to close with one of Geoff’s favorites, from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Man With No Name: You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.

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