Not Like I Have Anything to Say

I feel like I should post, not because I have anything to say, but to prevent emails from fanatical readers. 🙂

I am meeting with a reproductive specialist this week. I’m nervous about it. Mostly because I don’t know what to expect. I have some idea, but the anticipation is killing me.

On a different note, the Monk season premiere was awesome! I love Disher’s little crush on Sharona. I thought the scene in the hospital was great, I was nearly in shock thinking it wasn’t going to end the way it did.

I was back at the library today to get more books on Scotland. Today I read Scotland For Dummies, which was actually pretty helpful. I emailed the hotel to request a room overlooking the Clyde (I hope they will honor it), and for them to recommend a distillery near Glasgow. From my research, there appears to be only one in the Glasgow/Clyde Valley area, and it’s one that ICS has also planned to visit. But Geoff and I will be able to go on our own, since the bus runs there. I contacted one outside Edinburgh to find out if it’s accessible. Most of these distilleries give you a complimentary dram, so lucky Geoff, he can have mine. 🙂 We haven’t gone yet, and I already go again. Next time I hope we can stay longer.

If there is one thing I am working on, it would be loving my enemies. It’s a daily reminder that God calls me to love my enemies, and the enemy I struggle with is Michael Moore. He just irks me, the sight of him gets my blood boiling. It’s worse when he opens his mouth. I could dedicate a whole blog to what my problem with him is. I just think he’s completely biased, and he expects everyone to take his “work” as gospel. My dictionary says the definition of Documentary is: a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event. I have a friend who saw Bowling For Columbine and then proceeded to tell me how great it must be to be from Canada, where it’s a gun-free utopia. I’m sorry, that’s not the Canada I’m from. I’m not going to go into this anymore. Suffice to say I don’t like Mike, I don’t (& won’t) support his work, and I’m resigned to pray for the man. I’ll love him as much as God will let me. 🙂

Bill Clinton is going to do a book signing in Denver next month. Oh Joy! The morning news showed all the people lined up at the Tattered Cover to get his book and their ticket to come back next month to get his autograph. His book, and the Reagan funeral brought me to ask my fellow co-workers, do you still call a former President “President”? The consensus was it depends on your view of them. Generally you should address them as “Mister”, but if you were fond of them, you can address them as “President”. But when you refer to them, you should refer to them as former President. Everyone on tv was calling Bill “President Clinton”. I’m sure someone out there has the answer to this question, and I’d welcome that email or comment.

I’ll close with two quotes from The American President that kinda of sum up this post.

President Andrew Shepherd: You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil who is standing center stage advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.

Sydney Ellen Wade: How do you have patience for people who claim they love America, but clearly can’t stand Americans?

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