Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday after my shift at the museum, Geoff came to pick me up and we took a walk around Ferrill Lake, which is beside the museum and the zoo. The fountains outside of DMNS were on, and it would have made for a great picture, but I didn’t have my camera. Maybe next week. Just steps away from Ferrill Lake is Duck Lake which is just outside the zoo. It was a great chance to get some fresh air, between all the rain we’ve had this week.

Found out that Lloyd Brown passed away. The Brown’s are old family friends, and I wasn’t very shocked by the news. He’s had cancer for some time, so it’s nice that he can rest in peace. My mom will attend the funeral on Monday. I had just mentioned Lloyd to Colin last week, so it was strange timing. All four of the Brown children babysat Colin I, and to show how small Edmonton is, Doug’s old boss at Moxies is married to the oldest Brown daughter. My heart goes out to them all at this time.

We watched Duplex last night. Since we had seen the movie before it was totally finished, we wanted to see what changes had been made. It was pretty much the same, a few new scenes, and they changed the ending.

Today is Father’s Day, and it’s the first Father’s Day since I lost my dad. I sometimes wonder if I’ll someday forget the sound of his voice, or how he used to laugh. He was a neat guy.

I’ll close with a quote from Big Daddy.

Homeless Guy: Sonny was real nice to the kid. Wish my father was like him. My father was a military man. Guess I wasn’t such a good soldier. Anyways, when I was 35, he tried to give me a crew cut while I was asleep. I woke up, broke his arm, haven’t seen him since. I’d rather live in a dumpster then under his freaky ass rules! (Notices a McDonald’s bag in Sonny’s hand) Anyways, I think Sonny Koufax should be acquitted of all the charges. If O.J. can get away with murder, why can’t Sonny have his kid? (points at a black man) This guy knows what I’m talking about! No more questions!

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