Just Feel Like It

I just felt like posting, even though nothing much is new. I don’t really know where this is going to lead.

One of Geoff’s favorite bands is Big Sugar, and he was a little disappointed when they broke up. Gordie Johnson (lead singer), moved down to Austin, TX and started a new band, Grady. They played at SXSW, a music festival that even KUCI dj’s have been known to attend. Apparently the band has a club they play at regularly on Tuesday nights, but I can find no other info on the band. And frankly I have no plans to go to Texas anytime soon.

Julia Stiles has a new movie coming out, The Prince & Me, and we saw the trailer on tv. Geoff said “Great! Another one of her movies you’re going to want to watch every time it’s on tv”. (note: he’s being sardonic). In my defense, the only Julia Stiles movie they show regularly on tv is 10 Things I Hate About You, and yes, I watch it every time. But that’s the only one they show. (okay not the only one. Once a year, VH1 shows The 60’s, which I feel the need to watch. If he bought it for me, I’d be less likely to want to watch it on tv. Okay, I’m lying. I’d watch some of it. It is a long movie.) But she’s so darn cute, and a great actress.

I ordered a picture of Geoff & I at the wedding, and I’m anxious for it to come. Actually, the first copy I ordered, they screwed up, so I’m waiting for my replacement. I’m debating whether to order copies for my family, I may stew on it for a little longer.

Work has been good this week. I broke something at work today, so I followed the 5 steps we were taught. 1. Don’t feel bad. I felt a little bad, but not as bad as if I had broken something more valuable or irreplaceable. It was a toy model of a rocket. It’s just plastic.

The weather here has been great. Today was cooler than it has been, and it sprinkled for 5 minutes while I was walking from the bus stop. I think it’ll rain tonight. They forecasted dry thunderstorms for this week, and Geoff wants to get a surge protector.

All the shows I watch have been reruns the last few weeks. And since some aren’t coming back next year(Angel, Friends), I feel they owe me new episodes. Ah, what can you do.

We got our wedding invitation to Ashley & Chris’ wedding in May. 🙂 We’re very excited. I also got an invitation to Ashley’s bridal shower. I won’t be able to attend, but I will fill out my recipe card, and may send something small. For all the weddings I’ve been to, I’ve only attended one bridal shower (my own not included). And there have been cases where I wasn’t invited. It’s one of those weird situations where sometimes you want the invite extended, even if you have no intention of attending. Guys don’t go through this, just girls. Guys don’t care if their buddies invite them to stuff or not.

With Geoff’s birthday just 18 days away, I’m preparing to buy his gift soon. I have it picked out in my mind, and now I just have to find it. I did see something perfect for my new brother-in-law Mike (birthday in June), but

1. it would cost just as much as the gift to ship, and

2. I already have a gift picked out for him.

There you go. I found stuff to write about. 🙂 I’ll sign off now. I’ll close with a quote from The Mummy Returns.

Rick: All right – you’re here, the bad guys are here, Evie’s been kidnapped – let me guess…

Ardeth Bay: Yes. Once again they removed the creature from his grave.

Jonathan: I don’t mean to point fingers, but isn’t it your job to make sure that doesn’t happen?

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