Cousin Knows Best

Kelly wrote an article on the new cartoon This Just In airing on Spike TV. So we tuned in this last Sunday and laughed our butts off. I didn’t understand all the jokes (as I don’t follow politics that closely), but it didn’t matter. There was plenty of humor to go around. The main character Brian Newport even has a blog, which I added to my List of Blogs I read, and recommend you check it out.

I think it’s only slated to run for six episodes, I do hope it will get picked up for more. I better start to write to Spike TV now to let them know to keep it. Even though they call themselves “the first network for men”, they have some programming that I like. Reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Oblivious (minus the new “O girls” they added), Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (we’ve been watching that for over a year), and the first season of Slamball. I used to watch Taboo, but they cancelled that.

Find out when This Just In airs in your neck of the woods and then tune in! I’ll end with a quote from Brian Newport.

Watching democrats debate is like watching children put on a play.  It’s cute, but it’s never gonna make it to Broadway.

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