I don’t like to exercise. Additionally, I don’t really like my body, so I am forced to do something about it. Eating less and going to the gym are my solutions. Let me tell you…going to the gym 3 days a week is much easier to trying to eat less (I really am trying).

I get bored pretty easy at the gym with no workout buddy, and while I enjoy step class, it isn’t offered at a good time of the day for me. I was thrilled to discover my gym offered a Zumba class. It’s offered at a good time for me, not conflicting with dinner plans or preschool.

I had heard about Zumba on Twitter, and was anxious to try it. A class spent dancing for an hour? Sounds good to me!

The class I attend incorporates different dance styles and music, and the participants range in all shapes & ages. We warm up to Tina Turner, do some salsa and hip hop and cool down with the Bee Gees. Everyone has a good time.

This makes all the difference in the world. I love going to the gym now, and hope soon to see the fruits of my labor.

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