You Know When

You know your church is cool when they play Lynyrd Skynyrd during a service. We welcomed a new Youth Director from Alabama today, so the worship team wanted them to feel at home. So they played the chorus from Sweet Home Alabama. It made for a great ending to service.

Geoff worked all weekend, thankfully not all day though. We spent some time talking about our living arrangements, and I’m hoping we can make it to the bank this week to talk to them about our options. Geoff definitely wants to leave this place in a few months. The big reason is we can’t safety proof our kitchen, and Elijah will be crawling eventually. So do we maybe move into a bigger, nicer apartment for a year to save up for a good sized down payment on a condo? Again, we need to talk to the bank. But we have some condos in mind that we like, they’re just priced in the high $280-300. Yikes!

So Geoff says probability is high that I’ll be able to go up To Edmonton in January for my cousin’s reception. Whoo-hoo. It will be just me & Elijah, and hopefully I can rent a car for mobility.

It’s still really hot, and dinner is nearly ready. So I’ll sign off and close with a quote from Dirty Work.

Dr. Farthing: I know there’s nobody to blame for this but myself, well, I don’t know, maybe the Buffalo Bills, the Boston Red Sox, Mr. T. or the Jets…
Mitch: Wait a minute, Mr T.? Are you telling me that you bet on the fight in Rocky III, and that you bet against Rocky?
Dr. Farthing: Hindsight is twenty-twenty, my friend.

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