Yay, and Ugh

Let’s get the Ugh out of the way. I’m super tired, I have been for days. Haven’t been getting enough good sleep. Miles has been waking up at 4am, and he’s hungry. Add to that a few nights of not getting to bed before 11:30am, and it makes for a run down Mommy. Now I have a sore throat, and it’s either

A) a result of not enough sleep or
B) allergies.

Let’s talk about Yay. Kevin & Ali came out to visit this weekend. I had to keep that secret until they told their folks (a few days before they came). I think they had a great time. Reason for the trip? A possible job transfer for Kevin. So now we’re praying the two of them take the plunge. Kevin was totally in love in Colorado (who wouldn’t be), and Ali even got some possible job leads. Also, they have another friend who lives in Denver. Pretty exciting stuff.

Geoff needs lodging for his California trip next month. For dates or to offer him a spare bed, contact him. Or even if you want to join him for a night out to Vegas.

I’m hoping to add pictures on Shutterfly today or tomorrow. Amy & I are meeting up this week for alone time, no kids! And I have errands I want to do this week.

I’m going to close with a quote from 28 Days.

Betty: Tonight’s lecture: “What’s wrong with celebrating sobriety by getting drunk?”

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