Would You Like Some Cheese To Go With Your Movie?

I’ve seen a few bad movies in my time, and I’m not talking about the ones Mystery Science Theater 3000 does. Saturday night we watched Penn & Teller Get Killed. Ugh. I like P&T, but this was almost painful to watch.

Last night we watched Good Night, And Good Luck. Much better, and interesting to me because I wasn’t alive during the McCarthy era. I could see why it was nominated for so many Oscars, and I could see why I didn’t win. It’s good, but it isn’t “blow you away”. Mind you, Oscar doesn’t always award the worthy. But I’d say it’s worth a watch.

Friday night Amy, Shaun & Caley came over for dinner. It was nice to have them, they are a neat family. Sean said Amy talked about us a lot. 🙂 Well, we hang out like once or twice a week. It was nice to get to know Sean better. We’ll definitely hang out again soon I’m sure.

(Note to C&K: We’re thinking of you. Here’s a picture to make you smile.)

I’ll close with a quote from Good Night, And Good Luck.

Edward R. Murrow: We’ll split the advertising, Fred and I. He just won’t have any presents for his kids at Christmas.
Sig Mickelson: He’s a Jew.
Edward R. Murrow: Well don’t tell him that. He loves Christmas.

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