Windy City

The wind, she is a blowin’. It was far too windy for me to venture too far from home. And I was heading to Blockbuster to get some new releases to watch. Perhaps I’ll take the car later and go pick some up.

I think I’m nearly ready to take down all the Christmas decorations. I’d like to leave the outdoor lights on for a while though, I really like them. Also, if I take everything down, I’ll be able to see if we’re going to need another storage box.

No plans for New Years. Last year, we stayed in a hotel and it was fun, except that we were both sick and went to bed at 9pm. This year I’m not sure if we’ll stay up until midnight, I do have to work in the nursery at church the next morning. Thankfully there is only one service and it’s at 10am. We may try to have some friends over on Sunday for dinner, we’re waiting to hear back. These would be our friends Chad & Khara. Great couple. I’m a little hesitant about having them over for dinner only because Khara travels all over the country, and has eaten at some of the coolest, nicest restaurants in the U.S. But I have faith in Geoff’s cooking, and really the company can make a meal better.

Soon Geoff will be departing for the west coast. He’s looking forward to the learning experience he’ll get, but not so much the being away from us, and eating out every meal. I’m hoping he’ll take advantage of being so close to San Fran and take in some sights. Man I wish I could get back to San Fran. What a neat town. I never get to see enough of places I visit (except Edmonton!), but I guess that’s what draws us back.

I’m watching Hero right now. No, not the martial arts movie, the Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis, Andy Garcia movie. Excellent movie. I’ll close with a quote from it.

Bubber: So you don’t want the credit?
LaPlante: I don’t take credit; I’m a cash kind of guy.

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