Today while I was walking back from the store, I saw a deer run across the street. This was just off the main road, sort of near the ravine. It was pretty wild to see.

A two year old girl was bitten by a fox in Denver. Sure am glad we solved our fox problem. But the question I wonder, is what was a two year old doing outside at night when the foxes are out? Who knows.

Of all the movies we had on tap to watch, we only got to one, The Prestige. Excellent. It was all I could think of last night, when I was trying to sleep. Replaying it in my mind, trying to see all the clues. Definitely merits another viewing. Geoff thought the ending could have been cut shorter, not so much revealed.

Amy & I took the kids to Washington Park yesterday. When we lived in Denver, Geoff and I would go there for walks around the lake, or Geoff would run and then meet up with Elijah and I for his cool down. The weather was awesome, it was nice and cool. And Elijah went down the twirly slide by himself for the first time.

I’ll close with a quote from The Prestige:

Robert Angier: I thought you said I’d have to get my hands dirty.
Cutter: Maybe someday you will; I just needed to know that you could

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