WiiU: Not Just For Kids

This weekend, we hosted a party to get in some play time with our friends. The WiiU we received for Christmas was the focus of the event, though our friend Chris said he came for the food.

WiiU Party

WiiU Party

The kids took turns with the game pad, hiding in the corner while they plotted to capture their friends (Luigi’s Ghost Mansion) or escape them (Mario Chase). There are 12 mini games on Nintendo Land, but these were the ones the kids enjoyed the most.

The kids are engrossed in the game

The kids are engrossed in the game

At one point, the kids went outside to run around, and the adults grabbed the microphones and sang their hearts out. Even those who didn’t want to sing were happy to be background dancers. Right now Sing Party comes with 50 songs, but new songs will be available to download soon. We had a competition of guys vs girls, and while the guys won, their performance didn’t get rated “glorious”.

As promised, a small snippet of one performance from the party. I would have taken more pics and videos, but I was laughing, singing and dancing so much I plum forgot. 🙂

(disclosure: As a Nintendo Ambassador, I was given a WiiU and some games to play with. All opinions are my own)

2 thoughts on “WiiU: Not Just For Kids

  1. I’ve been hearing about WiiU and I thought it was a college course or something much less fun that what you describe! Wow, the dudes belted it out. How fun.

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