So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I started an REI wishlist. Friday I sent an email to family letting them know we are planning to take the boys camping next summer, but we lack several camping needs. I heard back from someone and they are buying us the tent and coordinating footprint. How cool is that? That was the biggest item we needed, so now it makes the rest of the stuff more obtainable with gift cards, me thinks. 🙂

We did go up into the mountains yesterday to check out the outlet stores in Silverthorne. Not many good buys to be found, but we did visit The Smiling Moose Deli, and had a delicious lunch. Funny thing is their only Denver location is right across from Geoff’s old hospital. Maybe the sandwich was so good he’ll get his buds together and they’ll take the shuttle there for lunch.

Marian offered to babysit one night for us, so I hope to take her up on it soon. Really all she has to do is hang out here after the kids go to sleep, so she said she’d bring her books to read.

I’m gonna close with a quote from Psych. You’re watching it, because it’s an awesome show!

Shawn: He’s not going to kill us, right? I mean people change. We haven’t seen him since the 5th grade.
Gus: I don’t need to see him Shawn! Some people are just born evil. The kid from the Omen, the Children from the Corn, Chad Michael Murray.

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