When Armstrongs Camp

Normally I’d be moaning to you about how it rained the whole time, and we had a rough time camping.

Not so this time!

Nana & Grampy joined us for a wonderful 3 days camp in Rocky Mountain National Park. I was nervous we’d have a hard time getting a site in Longs Peak Campground, since it only has 26 tent sites. But arriving on a Monday, we nearly had our pick of the sites. We settled in the inner sites, sites 15 and 16 (but for fantastic views try to secure sites 1-4). The weather couldn’t have been better, and the food and company were great.

The highlight for me was the lovely hike around Lily Lake.

Lily Lake, with Longs Peak in the background
The views from up high and me figuring out macro photos for wildflowers make me eager to go back. The highlight for the boys was having Nana & Grampy to play with as well as daily conversations with Mr. Bill. He was the camp host, and with him set up across the road from us, the boys could say hello to him several times a day.

The future plan is for us to all tackle Longs Peak, one of the famous 14ers in Colorado. For now, we just enjoyed it from afar.

A trip in Estes Park provided me with an awesome souvenir, trail tags. You can obtain them from Brownfield’s Trading Post (on Elkhorn Ave), and the different colored border signify the length of hike you completed. This will be something I hope the boys enjoy earning. I got them the trail tag for the hike we did at Sprague Lake earlier this year.

With so much more of the National Park to explore, I hope get back real soon.

One thought on “When Armstrongs Camp

  1. Aww, it sounds like you had fun!

    I miss camping in Colorado. The entire "Johnson Clan" has packed up and caravaned (spe?) to Colorado every summer since 1960-something. Truly a sight to see. I've only been a couple of times (my dad hates vacations that don't involve golf; and this is HIS side of the family), but some of my best memories were made in those mountains. And now I'm married to a man who would likely rather wrestle a bear than go camping with those yahoos.

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