What’s Goin’ On

Just a few little things to share:

Glen- I thought of you Tuesday night. The patient on House had the plague! I know how fond you are of that disease. It’s was gross!

On Top Chef this week- Miguel is gone. He wasn’t being assertive enough. Frankly after last week’s mix up of salt & sugar, I wasn’t surprised he got the boot. But it was almost Stephen! oooh, missed it by that much.

Mom To Mom wraps up next week with a brunch. I had a long talk today with Myrna (who is tight with leadership), and she asked me to give MTM another chance next year. She admitted this year was a lot of fluff, but that next year would be better. She also said she was planning on suggesting me to join the leadership team next year. I’m gonna pray about it. It meant a lot to me that Myrna thought I’d be a good addition to the leadership team. 🙂

My friend Kirsten (from MTM) wants to get together next week for coffee/lunch/whatever, since her mother-in-law will be in town and she needs to get away. Tomorrow, I’m meeting Temple at Peet’s (she’s also in my MTM group). She’s never been to Peet’s, and she likely won’t go much after that since she’s moving out to Evergreen (that’s 30-60 min outside of Denver, towards the mountains).

Kelly & Roman arrive tomorrow evening. They are staying at the Doubletree in Aurora. We are early risers (7am every day) and they aren’t so it’ll be more comfortable for them. But we’re going to get in good cousin bonding time.

I plowed through my first season of Ned & Stacey, and now I’m suffering because they haven’t released season 2 (there are only 2 seasons). Sigh. Well, I’m gonna close with a quote from it.

Amanda: “So, uh, what about you, you have a girlfriend?”
Bobby Van Lowe: “Oh–no. You try having a personal life working thirty hours a week, twenty-two weeks out of the year.”

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