Weekend Plans

We’re going house hunting tomorrow, and Elijah is going to be with a babysitter. We’re very excited to look at houses, and have been waiting for Saturday all week. We’re looking in Aurora, it’s closer to Geoff’s work, church, and the housing is more affordable there. Incidentally, the new neighbors, the gay couple, are also moving to Aurora, next month. They bought a townhouse for $100K. I had a nice chat with one of them, I didn’t catch his name though. He said he was in shock over how overpriced houses are here. In Houston, where he’s from, you get more house for your money. He said his partner is a school teacher in Highlands Ranch and he is in the medical field. They went from being well off to being poor. We also talked about Vienna (their dog). I guess I am getting good practice for getting to know my neighbors.

My Mom-To-Mom group starts officially on the 8th, but they have an open house next Thursday to meet your group and the teachers/caregivers for your kids. It’ll be nice to have that each week.

I figure I’m watching too much Star Trek: The Next Generation (again) because I’m starting to question the dynamics between the characters. Like why does Picard refer to Data as Mr. Data or Worf as Mr. Worf instead of by their rank? When did you ever hear him call Riker Mr. Riker? I think maybe because Data & Worf are lower in rank, they don’t merit always being called Lt. Commander. He does address them by rank sometimes, but not always. See, watching too much ST:TNG.

I’m going to close with a quote from Robot Chicken. (Geoff this is for you)

pirate 1: [has a helm wheel on the front of his pants]
pirate 2: Arr! What’s that steering wheel be for?
pirate 1: Arrr, it’s driving me nuts!

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