Weekend Pictures

The boys returning from their run Saturday in the new double joggy stroller.

The newly organized garage.

Sunday we took a trip to Home Depot to buy some hooks and a broom to organize and clean our garage. Since we will be getting a 2nd car PDQ, we needed to make room for it. Now anyone who has seen our garage will tell you, it wasn’t that bad to start with. I think that made the job go quickly. I, for one, love the look of a clean room, and am well pleased with Geoff’s work. I am also pleased we were able to take 5 bags of stuff to Goodwill yesterday as well.

Last night we enjoyed dinner out at the Macaroni Grill as an early anniversary celebration. Amy, Shaun & Caley came over to play with Elijah. We may still do something else to mark the occasion of our 10th anniversary in the future. As my friend Kirsten pointed out, your 10th is always hard to celebrate because you are usually in the throws of children, and bills, and who knows what else!

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